A Bird Bath, A Party, and Art

Bathtime for Ms. Wee.
In the tub, water running slowly,
dribbling down.
 Two plastic balls the size of golf balls...
she beaks them around, playing in the water.
Balls roll back down toward the drain, to her delight.
Jumps around like a robin hopping.
Keeps this little one entertained!!  And wet.
She will go outside to dry off.
Sweet Ms. Wee
A couple of weeks ago a gay couple we are acquainted with got married.
Still not legal in Florida, so they went to Chi Town for the ceremony.
My husband and I went to a poolside celebration at their lovely new home.
This is the gift we took.
It's a wood wall plaque, hand crafted by me
because that's what I do.
I hope they liked it.
Been busy painting.....a little.
"Don't even think about stealing my dinner"
pastel Osprey 9 x 12
on Wallis sanded paper
My poetic muse is beckoning.


  1. Gorgeous osprey ~ !

    artmusedog and carol ( A Creative Harbor)

  2. Oh I bet Wee loves her bath. Does she ever take a shower?
    Looks as though you have been busy. Nice work on the plaque for your friends wedding. Gorgeous Osprey painting as well Judie. Hope all is well. Love you.

  3. Hi...I am the anon commenter.
    xx gemma

  4. I can just picture Ms Wee playing in the tub!! I love it! And I love your new painting of the osprey.

    I'm sure your friends like the plaque...the words are beautiful.


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