Haiku My Heart with Words and Paint

.............Playing with words

Fun playing with words
Learning keeps me on my toes
Totidem verbis

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poetic word lovers
through        Corazon
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awesome dreamers.


.............And Playing with paint

working with watercolors...(not my forte)
using a limited palette with only 3 or less colors
and brush only, no drawings

black and red

black and red

black, red and sienna; for some 
reason the sienna did not show here
but was used as a skin tone

sienna, red and black 
Source: Leslie DeMille pastel

black, purple and sienna
Source: Getty Image

I am not a watercolor purist, so I
also occasionally use Chinese white.

If you follow excellence,
Success will follow you
            ...Steve Gupta


  1. your header (banner) is so lovely in its softness. I like your watercolors. I have done some in a class. I think watercoloring is the most difficult of all painting to do. It takes more patience than I normally have. I have done oils and enjoyed working with it. Any painting I do is for my enjoyment- seldom sharing- I like using acrylics a lot.

  2. Love these. Beautiful studies using few colors. I want to try this. You inspire me as always.

  3. hi judie♥
    lucky me to see these paintings!
    did you ask me who/which my favorite would be?
    flamingo dancer,
    and that is that,
    even though all are so wonderful.
    {the sun-shade on the woman with the hat is perfect}
    i miss you

    and i love you.

  4. wait.
    the cello artist!
    with glasses!
    sooooooooo so GOOD!

  5. Hi Judie. Hope all is well. These water colors are amazing. I love them all. Enjoy your weekend.

  6. Love these watercolours! Very artistically done. Loved the haiku. :)

  7. sienna, red, black - i like that one best of the lot
    Have a nice Friday, happy you stopped over at my blog

    much love...

  8. Fun haiku and your painting are beautiful! Love them!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. I very much enjoy your watercolors!

  10. Hello Judie! Love the haiku. I learned something as I had to look up totidem verbis! Love seeing your watercolors. I can hear YoYoMa's music through your image!

  11. Hi mom...
    Love the art with only 3 colors.
    I am missing you!!!

  12. I really liked the flamingo dancer the best.


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