Haiku My Heart - Amazing Nature

Bare of last year's brood
Strong winds blew and twisted fronds
But nest clung tightly

In a line of Areca palms in my back yard 
is one frond that hangs just above my head.
Mid way, a cardinal built a nest last year.
I found it, with two tiny babies, as I was trimming.
It was not long before the nest was empty
since cardinal babies grow and fledge quickly.

All the rest of Summer and Fall I left the nest alone.
Thinking the cardinals might return.
This winter brought strong winds shaking and twisting the fronds,
hard, driving storm rains blasting the nest...
Still... it remains. 

It isn't like the one above (an internet photo)
but rather made of grey twigs and Spanish moss.
Strong, sturdy, as if attached with super glue.
Perhaps this Spring.....?

Spanish Moss .. Internet Photo

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  1. This nest reminds me of "building a home on rock" instead of on sand as in scripture. Lovely haiku.

  2. Such hope in your haiku and words... I am amazed at how tenacious yet at the same time fragile these homes of nature are... I love that you could see their nest and watch them grow and fly away...

  3. Of course the birds have some magical building secrets. I am pretty sure of that!
    Yes! Coming again in spring. xoxo

  4. So beautiful..your thoughts, your words, your haiku! Hope is my favourite word. :)

  5. Clinging to shelter
    Ready for next year's nestlings
    Housecleaning awaits

  6. Hello friend. Love your Haiku and your thoughts about the bird and their coming back. It's good to look forward Judie. Hope you are doing well, I think of you.

  7. OH wonderful haiku about the cardinal nest staging strong ~ they do build well most of the time ~ Beautiful photo and haiku

    Happy Weekend,
    artmusedog and carol

  8. What a beautiful haiku and story, who knows what spring will bring?

  9. what is it about the gift of birds? just their presence alone lifts us, and even when they remain hidden in the arms of trees, their songs delights us beyond measure.
    is there anything so hopeful as the circle of a nest? and the story that remains as we wait for the return of spring.


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