Haiku My Heart with Art .......and a chuckle

The Chuckle....

ninja bug defends
mantis fights with tiny fists-
no bird dinner here

internet photo

The Art.....

working in my art journal this week
has produced these.



and this from old art cut up
and remade into a journal page
mixed media

Journals are for fun!

   To satisfy your hunger 
for more Haiku, please visit
Go on, you know you want to!

Live Long and Prosper!



  1. thank you for sharing your journal pages, i love looking through these "windows" into your loving and generous heart. so much beauty, so much love and light gathers within you!

  2. Fun haiku Judie. I LOVE your "All Her Children" page!

  3. Love the brave Praying Mantis....they are among my favorites as bugs go. Hope the little bird finds lunch elsewhere. As usual your art speaks to me, especially the words on FLY FREE page and you.

  4. Delightful haiku...amazing photo!!! Thank you!! Have a grand weekend!

  5. Dear Judie, always a feast here! Love your journaling and that haiku and such a dynamic photo to illustrate your words! I love that last quote as well in your journal... it reminds me of something I read the other day.... when you are sitting in the darkness and you want to turn on the light... you have to take a couple of steps in the darkness... thank you Judie!

  6. Judie ~ wonderful nature haiku and what a great photo you chose ~ lovely art work ~

    Happy Weekend,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. I can tell that you have loads of fun with your art journal!

  8. That was funny, Judie. Nice mantis' are not a favorite of mine, I would be cheering for the bird.

  9. Lovely acrylic. This haiku brought me a smile. Cute. :)

  10. Love the photo of the "ninja bug"...and your journal pages, too. You have such a beautiful way with words and painting.

  11. Hi! Nice Haiku and a beautiful photo. Your art works are fantastic. Thanks for sharing.


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