All Birds Fly...If You Can Imagine It

The Traveling Journal I was part of a few months ago
 came back with several blank pages. 
 Of course. 
 So I've been trying to fill those spaces.

With this...


Well, of course it's a bird painting.  
What else would you expect from this bird lover?

And then there is this...


There are still a few more pages to do.
I'm thinking of asking  local artist friends
to help me fill them.

I so enjoy leafing through this journal

seeing other people's imagination at play, 

and reminiscing...

thinking how amazing it is that
so many of my internet friends


that I am a bird lover. 

journal pages from  Priti , Oceandreamer , and Gemma

One day I would like to have an entire
journal of just bird art...

Guess I'd better get started,,,..

Wishing you a day of letting
your heart
fly free
and your spirit soar with laughter and joy...

 ..."with the faintest twist of his wingtips
he eased out of the dive and shot above the
waves, a gray cannonball under the moon..."
                              Jonathan Livingston Seagull


  1. LOVE your journal. Will gladly contribute to another one with Bird theme. Jonathan Livingston Seagull one of my favorite books.

  2. Beautiful journal Judie. Looks like it was a lot of fun. I like your new banner too.

  3. Paintings of birds...who would ever think of that for you!! I've been absent too long and missed too much. I'm glad I got to see all this beautiful bird art.


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