Friday Haiku - My September Heart

source: internet photo


september moon soon
autumnal equinox too
leaves change color now

I cherish the beauty that Mother Nature
gives us in the fall when the leaves on her
palette are painted their brightest colors.

I cherish the dying season, for it makes way for new
life to follow. 

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 and join in with your own haiku thoughts.

source: internet photo

Here, in sub-tropic Florida, there are sadly not many days for
hot chocolate and hoodies,
rather more iced tea and sunbonnets,
and thunderstorms.  That's ok!



  1. No leaves changing colors here in the desert, but that's OK. There's still a hint of autumn in the air, with nighttime temps dipping into the 70s. Soon enough we will have glorious weather--no more sizzling brains! A blessed weekend to you!

  2. Well said and to the point!! Soon and very soon this will all come to fruition! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. HB and I were just saying that the light is changing and looking like autumn...which is my favorite time of year. We're still warm but it won't be long until we have some chilly weather.

  4. Oh yes! Getting excited about our upcoming season and cooler weather. We'll make an autumn trip to northern Arizona to see the brightest colors. LOVE you!

  5. A color riot and a presentation of so-right words.

  6. Beautiful words and gorgeous photography!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. Feel good.. Lovely colours.. I am here..



  8. Gorgeous picture. Leaves me feeling struck by fire

  9. Hi Judie. Very nice. Hope all is good with you.

  10. I love autumn! Amazing colours in your picture and haiku.

  11. It is that time of year, when the colors flame to life and draw us into change and letting go... beautiful Judie!

  12. you have a gorgeous heart that you share so kindly through every thing you do. i am blessed with every visit. thank you friend. xo

  13. What a beautiful post -- your haiku is divine. Despite living in Michigan (or maybe because of it) I have little affinity for the cold that will follow the color splash. But the color splash will be wonderous!


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