Haiku my Heart - Under the Sea

polymer clay, fabric, oyster shell, beads, etc.

sleep little mermaid
cozy on your seashell bed
wake when tide is low

Gosh, I forgot it was Friday, so I had to scramble to find something
to post.  This is a photo of a little mermaid I made long ago, and sold
in a beach gift shop.  I wonder where she is now, and if she is still

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  1. Beautiful little mermaid and lullaby haiku!

  2. Your scrambling paid off. This is a post filled with wonder and intrigue. Thanks!

  3. I hope she is as treasured now as she was when she was found and brought home.

  4. She's lovely, I'm sure she is resting in a loving place.

  5. She is adorable and very creative! ~ your haiku is so sweet!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  6. Lovingly, some memories are cherished. Beautiful mermaid..! :)

  7. The mermaid you created is gorgeous - I love her beaded locks & serene expression! Thanks for recently paying a visit to my blog. I've replied to your comment on there. Kat :-)x

  8. dearest- i love that you forgot it was friday! i hope this means that you were so present in the moment that time somehow just stood still. feel the love that you so generously offer others. love you and your mermaid!

  9. Hi Judie. Both my computers are down. I've been using my iPad and can't post some things. So I'm kind of laying low except for Instagram. Go visit me there at Instagram under glorv1. Hope all is good with you.l
    Love your mermaid And haiku.


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