Haiku My Heart -- PEACE

look around you now
project your peaceful feelings
on everyone near

oil on canvas
artist: Betsy Schoepf

My long-time friend, fine art oil painter Betsy, painted this wonderful painting of the dove on my sidebar.  I love it and think it's beautiful.  Today just seems to be the right day to
project and share peace with everyone who comes by this blog. 

I hope you can feel it. 

Blessings for your weekend...and beyond.


  1. beautiful painting...'project your peaceful feelings...love this

  2. Hello dear Judie, I love seeing the painting and I love being colored with such peaceful feelings... I can really feel it! Thank you for this heartfelt gift!

  3. How very lovely! Happy Valentine's Day and peace to you!!

  4. Beautiful! Love this painting. Thank you for this lovely haiku. :)

  5. Lovely painting and beautiful message in your lovely penned haiku ~

    Happy Valentine's Day to you ~ ^_^

  6. Your friend's painting is beautiful! Peace and love to you, too.

  7. I remember and loved when that dove nested above your door. Betsy's painting of it is lovely. YES I feel the peace even though I am not nearby. Looking forward to being right next to you in another month....and feeling more peace. LOVE.

  8. thank you judie for sharing your beauty and love. to offer peace is the greatest gift. xo

  9. What a beautiful shot the photographer has taken. valet parking luton


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