Haiku My Heart - Seeking

seek the inner calm
with your heart caress the earth
open arms to love

Finding Calm

....connecting with the haiku writings
of others through 

recuerda mi corazon

where you will find much
beauty and peaceful thoughts. 

Wishing you a magical weekend


  1. Oh she is so lovely Judie... and invites me to seek that inner calm and open my heart too... my arms... and my imagination to take flight with the dove of peace...

  2. My arms are open wide to share inner calm and love with you Judie. See you next month. yay~

  3. What a well done and beautiful pastel and lovely thoughts in your haiku ~

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  4. dearest judie,
    thank you for your open heart. to meet here each friday is a blessing that grows with each reunion. thank you for arms wide open and a heart that chooses love over all else. you are a source of great comfort and renewal. xo

  5. Seeking and opening...the two essential components of serenity!

  6. Thank you for this beautiful haiku. Lovely artwork. :)

  7. luv the message in your haiku; and the supporting sketch is really nice; if its your art work, you should do many many more

    Have a blessed Sunday

    much love...


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