Haiku my Heart - Crows

 when spring has arrived
crows will fill the air with song
watch!  they're coming soon

In 2007, a group of online friends and artists got together and made chunky books.  Each artist made duplicates of their own 4x4 page back and front, and sent them to a facilitator to put together and mail back out to each contributor.  This was great fun, even though it was a bit of work.  I LOVE chunky books and have several. 

Here for your eye-candy pleasure are pages from one of my crow-themed chunky books.  I could not scan every single page and could not scan the back as well as the front, but trust me, they are all AWESOME!

Artists: Mahala and Pam Aries

Lisa Poole and Kate Robertson

Kai and Violette

David and Ang

Judi Noble and Lisa Oceandreamer

Joyce Ann and Lorraine  (this has the cutest
letter inside, refusing Mr. Crow's proposal
of marriage so Lorraine can continue her art)

Judie and Gemma

And so.....in keeping up with the crows,
here is a bit of crow poetry for your reading pleasure.


in the mist that hides the pale pink of daybreak
when the tiniest tip of light reaches horizon lines
the calling starts

a remote sound bite extracted from the dawn    
now closer     louder      a cacophony of like cries   
all at once      yet not

then suddenly       or so it seems
a moving darkness floods that first beginning  of light
a black winging of crows   -   in hundreds at least

as if ejected from a hidden rookery      a secret place I know not of
a corvine cloud floods the wide space over fields and rooftops…
quickly smothers the sky over me with dark shadows and raucous calls

seems only an instant until it’s over       that annoying staccato sound
 my vision follows the iridescent onyx mass of grating noise     now distant
leaving me to wonder their destination    forever unknown to me

but my heart soars with their flight
as they leave me behind
 grounded ….. but wishing for wings

linked with pleasure to
the haiku and like talents of others

and now I have to go restring that book  :(

Happy Weekend
Happy Spring


  1. Enjoyed your post Judie. You are sounding refreshed and it's good to see you doing your thing. Have a great weekend. Enjoy.

  2. You love chunky books, and I love crows!

  3. I love crows. Lately they seem to be everywhere... soaring and talking, and sauntering down the street... it must be the spring of your haiku that is calling them to come out! Love the chunky books Judie. What a delight and they so capture all those crow faces!

  4. Crows had always been mysterious creatures. I love them. Beautiful poem. Interesting captures of the pages from chunky books.:)

  5. Lovely haiku and have seen the crows arriving ~ Wonderfully creative 'chunky book' ~ Creative post and photos!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  6. what a fab idea, chunky books

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  7. dear judie, thank you for sharing so much raven love!!! i adore these wise birds and have visited here several times to bask in the shared allure of these beauties!!!

  8. I can never get tired of reading things written on Spring.
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