Haiku my Heart - New Life Begins


Spring Goddess Rising
w/c crayon

old man winter sleeps
equinox is closer now
changes have begun

Already I have noticed tiny growth sprouting
here and there, and white buds appearing
on jasmine branches.  The mourning doves
hoot as they search for nesting sites,
and warm breezes cool the sun
that quickly heats the day.
The deep South awakens!

Early Spring Blessings
for your weekend

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warmth of Spring's heart
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  1. Isn't this transformation incredible? I remember the first time I noticed that the ground went from cold to warm... I felt like I had touched a miracle. I love how your Spring goddess awakens as we tuck old man winter to sleep and welcome these changes!

  2. Just beautiful! I am so excited that we will spend Spring equinox together!

  3. Oh how people in northern climes welcome those changes! Celebrating the approaching equinox with you!

  4. Wonderful! Indeed, changes have begun! Have a grand weekend!

  5. Magnificent artwork, delightful haiku! Indeed, changes have begun!

  6. Warm thoughts. Love your Haiku and yes changes have begun.

  7. What a divine creation of art and lovely haiku welcoming spring changes ~

    Happy weekend coming to you ~ ^_^

  8. Happy you are enjoying the seasons changes

    Much love...

  9. Just waiting for this to happen


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