Haiku my Heart - Frazzled

there is no haiku
for a frazzled mind to find
haiku's are peaceful

sketchbook art Micron pen and brush

When the world is in order
chaos will end
                         Native American Saying

'nuff said.....

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  1. So true Judie... I have to go to a different place inside myself to write those seventeen syllables that you have captured oh so well with your haiku and sketch...

  2. Delightful artwork and 'spot on' haiku!

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  3. Judie, I don't know if my reply to your comment got to you? But I wanted you to know how I too love how connected we are... and how, I was "frazzled" when I posted my haiku and how together we have two sides of the same haiku my heart coin! XO

  4. so happy to find you here in the circle of haiku love! thank you for your peace offering!!


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