Haiku My Heart - NO FLY ZONE

nature gives to us
beauty - wonders - to enjoy
we are caretakers


this is nature's gift to me...

Happy Birthday to the treasure of my human mommy's heart. 
Twenty-three years old now.
I looked caged, but I  have an open door policy.
I'm free!
I can fly, but I don't want to.  I like climbing better....
on everything....chairs, tables, shoulders, heads
I steal placemats from the table and take them to my hidey-hole
and shred them...

Even though I'm sometimes a terrorist,
my human mommy loves me waaaaaaay too much!

I show off  my birdie wings.
Oh yeah, I sing too.  Really, really LOUD!
and again.....

Oh yeah??  Wanna test my 300 # psi beak strength?
HeeHeeeHeeeee Stick your finger over here.  
I give nice kissies too, if you dare...

Queen of the house.
Even the dog fears me.  Love that!!!

Linked with powerful love to
Rebecca and haiku friends

C-YA.....and HAPPY DAY!


  1. Oh happy birth day beautiful, beautiful Ms. Wee! You are a force of nature indeed! Your human mama is not only very brave, but extremely fortunate to have you to love and be your caretaker! I loved all these photos of you, oh Queen of the House!

  2. I think I'd keep my fingers away from that beak!

  3. I wish we were all better at our caretaking duties.

  4. Queen Wee you beautiful bird. Remember to give your mommy some sweet kisses. She deserves them.

  5. What a lovely message in your haiku and fantastic photos of your dear and beautiful parrot ~ Happy Birthday ~ xox

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  6. Your macaw is SO beautiful! I love your haiku in honor of all of nature's bounty. Blessings!

  7. Luv your haiku Judie and thanks for sharing your birdie gift, charming

    much love...

  8. I wonder who takes care of the caretakers...

  9. They are such beautiful creatures. <3

  10. yes, yes! we are caretakers of wonder!

  11. She is beautiful. Smart too by the sound of it!


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