Haiku my Heart for Real

mother nature's gift
she lives with open cage door
will always be free

she has my heart
she has been with me for many many years
she will be with me until one of us is no more
no matter what, i will protect her
and love her
nature has given me this mission
even though sometimes it is tough
and at times I have to cancel plans
and doctor up bites when she gets hormonal
(that beak is needle sharp and precise!)
its downright hard work scrubbing her house
and cleaning her nares because she has allergies
it is not her fault her ancestors were captured
taken from their jungle home
not allowed to live free as nature intended
I have accepted this mission
and she will always, always be free and cared for
her door is closed only when I am gone
for her own protection because she doesn't know danger
best of all, she returns my love with her own

The beautiful Ms. Wee

We wish you happiness and love blessings
and freedom and joy
this weekend and beyond

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  1. It sounds as though you two are fast companions. Lovely.

  2. She is such a special girl and is lucky she has you for a mama. Blowing kisses to her xxx and to you too. LOVE

  3. I can feel the love in the words... and the truth of the sentiment, too. ♥

  4. So much said in a few words... love and joy in a haiku! Hugs from Holland

  5. Ms Wee is in good hands ~ lovely parrot and delightful haiku ~

    Happy Creating ~ ^_^

  6. dear judie,
    it seems every thing you do, your thoughts and actions, your care and creations all come from a deep and abiding love. everyone who knows you is blessed; as is the amazing Ms. Wee!

  7. This is awesome.. touched my heart..



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