Haiku my Heart - Nature's Real Thing, With Love

the woodpecker trills
his evening song at dusk hour
cricket chorus starts

internet photo

there is nothing so beautiful as nature
the stars
the trees
the rivers and ponds
the critters

and just as beautiful is the light
that shines within those whose heart is filled with love
and who shares that love with others

this weekend
let  your heart light shine onto others around you
it will bounce back to you twofold

Linked with love to
whose heart is filled with love
Please visit and join your light
with haiku friends

*a bit of nature
a pretty common sight around here
when one walks the parks near
the lakes

*source: TBT Long Bayou Reserve


  1. The sounds of nature... they are amazing. I love when Fall begins to set in here and the crickets start their singing. Thanks for the love and reminder to shini it out a little bit more... I feel it streaming back and forth across the land... isn't it a lovely bridge? As to that last little bit of nature? Yikes! Nothing like that here, or do rattlesnakes count? XO

  2. Shining love and light back to you and extending it out into the world. See your post just added to the LOVE.

  3. Nature is the best conduit for love and the best giver of love. Your haiku is a kiss to the senses... love the colors and the sounds.

  4. Last photo is quite intriguing ~ lovely nature poetry and a haiku too!

    Wishing you happy days ~ ^_^

  5. You captured a wonderful Summer-evening in your haiku... I can almost hear the crickets. Have a great Sunday, hug from Holland!

  6. dearest judie,
    thank you for your missal of love. nature is love in motion-and your invitation to join in this dance of light lifts my heart. grateful for the beauty in life around us and friends like you to share it with. xo

  7. Crickets and woodpeckers make a mighty chorus!


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