Twelve Days of Mary Love


The Many Faces of Mary

Each day brought her closer to heartbreak
Each day her expression would change
Sorrow and fear coming to the surface
Anguish and denial
Hate and Anger surrounding her
Grief just around the corner

Yet her love would show through
Even as her heart shattered

May we all feel the love of Mary
and fill our days with her gentleness
Let our hearts overflow with kindness
for each person we meet

Linked with love to the powerful
thoughts and writings in
Join us and feel the love

As you leave here
take with you a piece of
Mary Love
and spread it to the world


  1. This is a very interesting image. The viewer could fill in all the missing details with her or his imagination. Nice!

  2. thank you for all your love that consuls the sorrow of all mothering hearts. thank you especially for inviting us to take a portion of mary love and share it as we come and go in this beautiful world we share.

  3. You understand her sorrow, her love, and sincere prayer that we may all extend kindness to each other. Thank you for this dear Judie.

  4. Ah, Mary in the mist, or that's my first thought. In Israel I remember visiting some holy sites that the Muslims won from the Christians during the Crusades. All images painted on the white washed walls had partly obliterated them, but not entirely. They seemed like they were still there in some kind of mist.

  5. She is our perfect example of human love and sacrifice as HIS is the perfect divine example. Love isn't always easy but it's never to be avoided. Beautiful, Judie.

  6. Oh, wow. There are so many emotions on that nearly blank face. The pain, the hurt, the loss... is alive.


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