Twelve Days of Mary

Day 5

Mary Cries

A mother cries for her child
A mother feels the worry, the fear, the unknown
that her child will face
Tears begin and hearts crack
Pray for all Mothers

Linked to the very soul of
Mother Love for the Twelve Days of Mary

Please join in

Love and Blessings for you and yours


  1. Mary's tears are jewels of absolute love for all us mothers

    much love...

  2. What a beautiful painting dearest Judie. I LOVE it so much.

  3. What a powerful, suffering Mary you gave us. It's hard to imagine what she must have felt as her baby boy grew and how he died. Thinking of your Aleta today. You also have suffered.

  4. Truly. And pray for the children who don't have mothers to cry for them. I witnessed one this morning and it was terribly sad.

  5. dearest,
    yes to turning our hearts to lifting the hearts of all mothers everywhere. yes to also holding mother earth in our prayers for peace and healing. thank you for penning a post of compassion for mothers and the crosses we all bare for our children and the family of man. xo


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