Haiku my Heart - Birdsong

even in moonlight
a mockingbird looks for love
calling night and day

a mocking bird sings outside my house every early morning and afternoon and evening, except in the hottest part of the day, and even at 3:00 a.m.  He has shouted his song for over a week.  I know he will not stop  until he finds a mate, for that is what his call is about. 

He is loud. I'm sure every female within a mile can hear him. I wonder why none have come.  Perhaps his feathers are not handsome enough?  Perhaps his song is not musical enough? 

I made a video of him singing and singing at 6 a.m. but being tekkie challenged was not able to upload to my blog, although I tried forever. Oh well.  Next time. 

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moon, plum blossoms,
this, that,
and the day goes
          .....Kobayashi Issa
                                (a single bubble in steeping tea)


  1. The first time I ever heard a mockingbird was in Florida many years ago. I was startled that there existed a bird that actually sang in the dark!

  2. Oh yes the mockingbird loves to tease my cat Romeo both day and night.

  3. lovely haiku about the yearning of the mockingbird ~ much like us humans at times yearning for love (a bit more silently, admittedly) ~ We all need love ~ wonderful haiku!

    Happy weekend to you ~ ^_^

  4. The are persistent and loud! Your description was just as good as a recording Judie! I hope his love comes soon and they can get to work building a nest, so you can get some sleep!

  5. Maybe he is an adventurous lover and has been serenading Ms. Wee, who of course, told him to go and get lost.

    I hope you are able to sleep through the singing...

    Love the tone of your haiku, it's both melancholic and hopeful.


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