Haiku my Heart - Memories

a girl and her dog
always playing together
such love in their hearts

sometimes a quick drawing
or maybe just a passing thought
 can bring
a flood of memories
soft, gentle memories filled with love
pour them into your heart to overflowing
it will feel so warm

Please visit
recuerda mi corazon
to find haiku words filled with
memories, new ventures,
gentle warmth, and always,



  1. Sweet drawing, Judie, and sweeter thoughts!

  2. This touches me so... and fills me with a lot of love Judie. XO

  3. i love you and your caring heart. always opening doors and inviting everyone into the light of love-thank you friend for your compassion and wisdom. i am lifted in your abiding light. xo

  4. I can feel that love in both hearts. Happy girl happy dog. xxx

  5. I completely love that the love the haiku speaks of is delightfully visible in their eyes.

  6. A wonderful haiku
    And the drawing is very appealing !


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