Haiku my Heart - A Garden Adventure

Walk with me through my imaginary haiku garden
Where butterflies flit from sunlight to shade
And Buddha statue watches with peaceful smile

while flower picking
tiny buzzing bees swirled near
partaking of sweets

from within the bush
a brown bird spread its small wings
flew over my head

in the cool green pond
shaded by weeping willow
red fish jump at flies

linked with love to
please visit and join in

Wings carrying Blessings for your weekend
and beyond


  1. welcome home my dear friend. you have been dearly missed. i hope your world is as calm and peaceful as your luminous haiku.being with you is a gift of rest in a lush sanctuary of beauty and love. xo

  2. Oh I am so happy to have you back into our Friday circle Judy! I've missed you! Thank you for this beautiful sanctuary. I feel as if I have walked into such beauty and magic and it soothes my soul...

  3. Thank you for the invite and the glorious walk... I enjoyed it all--the bright butterflies, the fast brown wings, the fish and the willow... and your company most of all.

  4. I rather like that image of the fish jumping at the flies

    Happy Sunday

    much love...

  5. Thankyou for the inite and Glorious walk


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