Haiku my Heart - Lonely Traveler

a nightbird echos
over rapid river sounds
i am far from home


Imagination can bring a reader into this haiku.
Close your eyes and listen.

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Happy Weekend.
Think about all the wonderful people
who helped Texas, both monetarily and physically. 
 It will restore your faith
 in America and its people no matter
their political or social views.
Love abounds.


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  1. Imagining the sounds of the river,the birds and all of the people far from home.

  2. Yes. I can absolutely hear it and the water... is heaven. May you find your way home safely and thank you for sharing this place with us today. I do love thinking about how people at the depths of who they truly are, are all one.

  3. When I am far from home, it's always such a comfort to me to hear birdsong...from any bird.

  4. Oh, I can certainly hear the water-song, smell the richness of the banks, feel the touch of Nature... yum.

  5. Deepening words
    They agree with me melancholy

  6. far from home-but never alone. thank you for the comfort of your song. and the reminder to see the ways we are all one. xo

  7. What a beautiful haiku!!!

    much love...


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