Haiku my Heart - Sounds and Dances

now in the forest
the call of many corvids
murder announcement

430x430 Murder Of Crows
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Please join in the haiku love

and... for your (hopefully) reading pleasure
a bit of free verse poetry about a


the tongue of Zephyr
reaches tentatively toward the gathering
exploring softly
gently licking around and  through the group invitation

they move and sway in time to his gentle touch
gathering momentum
dancing together
in tune to his stronger, braver moves

suddenly a crescendo
as his movements push
with a final seductive twirl
then slowly, gently he slips away

leaving the slender bodies resting
their substance glistening in sunlit warmth
awaiting his return

Blessings for your weekend and beyond


  1. Your murder of crows is wuite lively
    Happy weekend


  2. Love your haiku - and your windswept poem. I danced with the words. Thank you.

  3. Oh how I love these dark winged birds! And your haiku and this twirling dance that leaves my heart longing... and to end it all with the chimes... such gifts dear Judie. Thank you!

  4. I put out food for our neighborhood crows every morning. Maybe that's what keeps them from announcing that I am about to be murdered! :)

  5. Lovely poetry and blessings to you for the weekend

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  6. You've shared two of my favorite things. Not, one of them is not murder, but I do love the sight of a murder of crow... especially in the fall.

    So much passion in the free very poem. I can almost hear the heavy breathing coming out of the lines.

  7. Two very different but captivating aural pieces. There's a breathless quality in both as well. In the first, the there's almost a feel of holding one's breath while we wait for the crows to deliver their message. The second has us breathless from the sensual play of the wind on the chimes.

  8. Always good, and interesting, to read the words you post :)

    All the best Jan

  9. Hi Judie
    Love your words and art as always my friend.

  10. lovely art and haiku...Seems we both had our minds on crows. Love your dance poem...I can feel the movement


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