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Southern summers end

with September.

Leaves slowly turn from bright silvery green

to darker, Hooker’s green

 filtered with oxide colors.

Reds, yellows splash here and there

like a painter’s palette

signaling the approach of Autumn.

Southern summers end

with rains beginning.

Heavy downpours,

oversized water droplets falling hard,

falling fast,

splashing high,

leaving reflective puddles.

The sky, the clouds lay there on the ground

within small lakes disappearing quickly

as the rains cease.

Sky and clouds escape into the ground,

sucked up into oblivion.

Southern summers end

as the rumbling Gods move their deep voices

and electric fingers

away with the dark, traveling clouds,

leaving room for the sun pushing through,

heating puddle remnants,

water vapor rising,


Southern summer lingering.


  1. Beautiful! Our summer hasn't ended yet. Today we're expecting 101º and no rain in sight.

  2. You paint a picture with your words.
    The only puddle remnants we have here are puddles of sweat.
    107 today.

  3. I can see and even "feel" the whole change coming in your very wonderful poem....We had three or four days of THREE Digits here...so our summer is NOT over, yet....(It is a little cooler today....NOT Three digits...lol)

  4. Such a lovely descriptive poem, especially "as the rumbling Gods move their deep voices".
    One of our special needs students is very frightened of thunder. When the "Gods deep voices" were rumbling away here yesterday, the teacher aide told her that Father Christmas was just moving stuff around in his storeroom."Christmas is ages away yet" she said "but it takes a lot of organization when you have to get yourself all around the world! He works at it all year.". And after a particularly loud clap of thunder.."Whoops, something dropped!". Seems to have worked with a big grin in response.

  5. You painted 'summer's end' with your words! I can see the reflections in the puddles...Our summer is slowly winding down - some rain in the mountains, but not quite reaching us, yet. Just some lovely, fluffy clouds and the rumble of distant thunder (and a little earthquake rumbling, this morning too! ;)

  6. Hello Sweet Judie Just stopped by to say a big hello and thanks for stopping over at sparkle and shine :) lovely to meet you. Im now following here your words are wow ty for sharing x x

  7. Hi again,
    We finally got some rain here.It was wonderful.
    Cooled us off a bit. Cause we are HOT ya know? Well not that way ...lol
    Love you gma

  8. There is certainly a change happening with all the mist lingering at dawn..cool nights..chilly air..it's sweater time!Cuddles from me to you!

  9. That's beautiful Judie!!! I'm truly sorry that I haven't visited in awhile. I hope that all is well!!! *HUGS*


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