I don't really keep an art journal.  I keep a sketchbook.  But always, near the end, there are 7 or 8 blank pages left because I am tired of that sketchbook!  Sometimes they just get wasted, but this time I decided to try some real art journaling.  So I started with the eternal blank page, glued on some torn book pages to make the paper more sturdy, then the gesso, then some writing, then some watered-down acrylic paint.  Whew!  What a process!  Well, all you art journalists know the routine.   

So.....I obviously used too thick acrylic because the writing doesn't show through, but that's ok.     Then I cut out some of my old art (faces)  that just sits around, gathered up some other cutouts and glitterati,  and made these. 

The Story Teller

Faces and Flowers

Girls Who Love Birds

I found it's a good way to use your art that just sits on a shelf somewhere, uses up those blank sketchbook pages, and best of all there are three or four more pages already prepared for the next time! 

As always, thanks for visiting my page, and have a wonderful day! 


  1. Books and birds. You have brought two of my favorite things to life on your journal pages.

  2. Your story teller looks very sad! I'm not a routine art journaler either but I found this real cool blog you might like too! Scroll down and watch her you tube video...so cool! http://www.journalartistaart.com/

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Love the big eye looking down. I believe in using all the doodles and sketches that usually end up in the round file. Your journal pages would make good personal gifts...you know, a blank journal with decorated pages for someone else to write in. But then you've probably done that several times over, lol.

  4. For someone who doesn't art journal you sure made some terrific pages! I think the story teller might be my favorite.

  5. Judi! Recently Janet gave me some inspiration to do just this!
    I purchased a scetchbook for myself and my grandaughter and all the necesssary art supplies and we went to town..pasting, gessoing, painting, and had a grand time! I think I will continue this when I return home..really allows the free spirit to soar!
    love and light .the "patient"

  6. I've not heards of Art Journaling before.....You've created some fascinating pieces, my dear....!

  7. LOL....I don't know how that "s" got on the end of 'heard'....Sorry about that.

  8. Judie, I love your journal pages. Your girls, all of them are telling a story with their sad eyes. Soft colors are beautiful. I'm art journaling right now too. I need to get back to canvas but I get stuck on that gesso. Get it?? tee hee. Have a great week and really great job on your pages. If you are not on Paint Party Friday, get on it girl! That will really get your juices flowing. It would be nice having you there. Take care.


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