This little lady, or her identical twin sisters, has graced the top of my front porch light with a nest for 3 years in a row.  Last weekend I purchased a new planter and put my sad-looking philodendron's there in hopes they would revive.  Oooops!  Not this time!  They are all smashed flat now.  But isn't she cute?

Oh peaceful brown dove
Bringing love to my small space
You have my heart now


  1. She is precious. How sweet she brought her love to share with you. xx

  2. Oh what a beautiful Haiku for a beautiful little dove. Awesome. We have a couple of doves. We used to have a lot in a cage but my husband sold them. I love their coo noises. Nice post. Glad she is there for you.

  3. She's so perfect that she doesn't look real at all. That's how some beautiful blessings are, too good to be true.

  4. She's found the perfect place for her nest. She brings you love and you have given her a safe place.

  5. Delightful. I've lost a few plants like this. For a while, they returned year after year.

  6. They are such lovely birds. I always see them in pairs. How lucky you are to have them nest so close.

  7. Peace love and blessings is her message! When we were in AZ there was a dove nesting above the outside fan..she sat on her egg/eggs for 14 days and then she disappeared? I climbed up took a shot of the inside but NO eggs..no sign of brocken shells anywhere???
    love and light dear lady. xo Anna


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