This will probably be my last post, at least for awhile, about the eagles and the osprey.  After all, those of you who are interested know where to find them anyway.  But....I could not resist these last couple of screen shots before the twin babies grow up...and they do grow so fast! (And thanks again to Alcoa for providing this nest cam!)
I am in absolute awe of the powers, and the gentleness, of Mother Nature and God...dare I use God and Mother Nature in the same breath?  For I believe one cannot exist without the other, and that one is the other.  I consider the power of those huge, strong, yellow beaks working together, sharing in the duties of ever so gently feeding those tiny, helpless, innocent fuzzballs, who will very soon grow into duplicates of their majestic parents.
Perhaps you can see the nest pantry is well stocked, planning ahead for the care and feeding of these babies.  These birds don't just act haphazard, they think,  for this foodstock did not appear until the first baby was hatched. You can see there are several fish, a rabbit, in the far corner I know is a black squirrel, and a new addition of some small animal or bird.  These parents know the babies will have   voracious appetites immediatly.  It will all be consumed, every bit.
It brings to memory a free verse poem I wrote well over a year ago...seems fitting to post it here and now.
Against the wind she flew
Magnificent golden feathers slick against a slender body
Sparkling wings pumping in perfect unison
Catching the cold updraft
Lifting her higher and higher into the low-hanging clouds
Glancing at the glistening snow peaks far below,
Telescopic eyesight searching for dark movement against brilliant snow.
Hungry, scanning the panorama carefully,
Remembering the last attempt,
Failed, defeated.
A parent fox too watchful over its baby.
Finally, a shadow.
 A hare traveling swiftly over frozen landscape.
Golden bird angles her body quickly to drift lower,
Down, down, out of the clouds.
Silent glide taking her low over the unaware hare.
Stretching talons, powerful swoop.
Making contact.
Wings pumping hard she rises high again
Into the wind.
Talons clutching tightly into hare’s bleeding flesh,
Turning easily toward the distant cliff face
To the nest.
I leave you now...just for awhile.....to meditate on the overwhelming emotions and memories of twin motherhood, and find peace in the darkness of my blanket cave.


  1. Amazing pictures Judie. There is no limit to what a mother will do for those she loves. What a beautiful poem you wrote. You should submit to an anthology that accepts poetry. Very nice. I read your last remark about the "overwhelming emotions" and so I send you ::hugs:: and ::good vibes:: during this time.

  2. Amazing photography and such loving post ~ lovely poem on 'motherhood' ~ ^_^ ~ namaste

  3. Judie these images are remarkable! The power of a mother's love committed to the survival of her offspring!!
    Judie whatever it takes to lift your spirit through art,nature,music,poetry or meditaion I wish you peace and love.
    Hugs Anna
    P.S. My Boggs can be worn all yr. round. Made from the same material deep sea divers wear to protect skin from extreme cold.
    namaste xo

  4. There is a lot of peace to be found in a blanket cave - may you find strength and comfort when and where you need it most, for as long as it takes. I'm thinking of you - I liked your free verse - very beautiful.

  5. dearest Judie,
    Your verse, understanding of, & devotion to, these eagles is very touching. Beautifully written. Just one of the reasons you are loved so much. Thank you for sharing this family with us. xxx

  6. Such tenderness from something so fierce.


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