April Is National Poetry Month

Since I am a fan of poetry I will be posting some of my favorites here this month.  I am especially fond of free form poetry.  You can say whatever you want with free form, and there are no stresses about rhyming or word counts.  Free form sort of reminds me of lava from an exploding volcano.  The eruption (the idea) happens, then the lava flows wherever it wants, all the while having a goal.  It flows around objects and under and through them, but ultimately lands far below where it started, with a meaningful ending, like a new island perhaps.  Such is free form poetry, ending with a meaning, or a feeling, a spiritual island.  I hope you enjoy.

acrylic on w/c paper
Robert Morgan
It's said they planted trees by graves
to soak up spirits of the dead
through roots into the growing wood.
The favorite in the burial yards
I knew was common juniper.
One could do worse than pass into
such a species. I like to think
that when I'm gone the chemicals
and yes the spirit that was me
might be searched out by subtle roots
and raised with sap through capillaries
into an upright, fragrant trunk,
and aromatic twigs and bark,
through needles bright as hoarfrost to
the sunlight for a century
or more, in wood repelling rot
and standing tall with monuments
and statues there on the far hill,
erect as truth, a testimony,
in ground that's dignified by loss,
around a melancholy tree
that's pointing toward infinity.
.....Have you hugged a tree today?


  1. That is a beautiful poem. Love what he is saying. I think we do go on forever in some way. It's a great idea to have poetry. I write poems, well I used to. Perhaps I'll pull out my poetry book from before and post a poem or two as well. You should have a link so we could link back to you. Dinner is over dear. heheheh. It was good soup. I like simple dinners. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Think about the link. Take care, have a great week Judie.

  2. Great poem and painting too. I just love trees. As a matter of fact I have not hugged a tree today. Wait just a minute....
    OK I went outside and hugged the Cypress tree by my door.lol.
    What good things you bring. TY

  3. I too love free form poetry. I love to follow where the words will take me. The picture above is stirring. The muscular back and soft side breast of a woman is very compelling.

  4. lovely poem...am going to go hug the tree right outside my door


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