Haiku My Heart, Petals

Flowers from a friend
Though only cyber petals
Mean so much to me
I received some flower photos in email from a dear friend who is very, very, very sick.  So sick I worry.  Yet she took the time out of her  illness to send me cyber flowers thanking me for being her long time friend.   That means more to me than you can imagine.  I love her, and I pray for her.
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  1. It is always the thought that counts. Cyber flowers are a lovely thought. Sending well wishes to your friend. Do I know who it is?

  2. There are so many ways to share love!

    Holy Anthem

  3. Any flower will do, as long as it's from a friend!

    Notes of Gold

  4. yes, it's the effort and the thought....I love getting flowers of any kind....

  5. And you mean so much to her...
    God smiles.
    You are such a good friend Judie,
    you make thee world sing♥♥


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