Postcards from Paradise...Woodpecker

I am sooooooo excited!  I have been watching this woodpecker who has a very shrill trill, who comes and goes to the tree just outside my back door.  I thought maybe he was hiding his grasshoppers in all the holes he made, but no...........he/they have a NEST!  Right outside my back door!!  I searched and searched for days with my little binoculars, neck craning, and VIOLA!!!  I found it!

Whenever he sees me watching, he tries to hide behind branches and leaves.  He doesn't want me to know the location of his castle, obviously.  But, bird lover that I am, I am just as wiley as he.  And so his cover is blown!  Oh my gosh, he is soooooo beautiful.  And his mate is cute, but very, very shy.

I don't have the best of cameras but I did get a few pics.  I will be watching for babies. 

Here he is right at his nest hole.  The hole is just behind those  leaves in front of him.  Hard to see. But I caught him with his head in the hole; that's how I finally found it.
Here is the best shot I can get of the nest (so far).  It is perfectly round and bigger than I thought it would be. 
I'm afraid I will be boring you with more woodpecker photos as time goes by.  But after all, it IS Spring, the season of love, the season of baby birds!
This was my paradise today!
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4-15-13 UPDATE
I finally got a pic of his little red head.  He is really guarding his nest closely now and screeches whenever someone comes outside the back door.  I am trying to identify the type of woodpecker he is.
UPDATE: 4-18-13
Here he is again on a higher branch, hammering out another hole.


  1. I used to live in a wood complete with a woodpecker, I loved to here him as he pecked away, never had a nest though, lucky you! x

  2. I do love woodpeckers and flickers as long as they are not pecking on my house. Such beautiful birds!

  3. there are scores of red headed woodpeckers that arrive together...charming quiet days and brightening the landscape as we wait for more flowers to bloom. i love that you have a birds eye view into the love nest! i am not sure what is more uplifting than the presence of birds, their songs and colours.
    beautiful post full of the true paradise of simple pleasures.

  4. We have woodpeckers too. One has been tapping every night.I should go out and look for the nest. Loving the birds too.


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