Lest we forget that it is still Spring and baby birdie season, here is a screen shot of the newest Osprey babies at Dunrovin Ranch, Lolo Montana, a project of Cornell University and the University of Montana.
Montana has a lot of coal mining, and the mining causes the rivers to have high mercury levels.  The university is studying the effect of the mercury on the breeding of ospreys in that area, since they are fish eaters.  Last breeding season, they had eggs that did not hatch. 
This birdie season.....success!!  This is the same pair that came back to the same nest and now they have three adorable babies. 
Oh my, what a handful.
Better them than me!
Like Hawks, Eagles, and many other birds, Ospreys mate for life.  During the winter in cold climates, the osprey pair separates, each flying to his/her own special warm destination.  In the Spring, they both return to the same nest.  I find that particular instinct amazing. 
I watched a pair of osprey at a nest in Estonia last season.  The organization that monitors and tags them also had a migration map.  The female osprey was tagged, and she flew over 2000 miles to her warm destination, then back again in the Spring.
Birds are smart!
And I am in awe of their intelligence and instincts.
There is an osprey nest near my house.
And another in the Home Depot parking lot.
Way, way high up on a pole.
Provided for them by their human friends.
I know  babies are there. 
 I can hear them and see their little heads poking up.
Alas, my camera broke.
And now,
I need to go get my littlest one, Mr. Blue, from the porch.
He is calling me because it's getting dark.
I think he's askeered!

Take care of YOU, everyone.  Be well. 
Til nest time....oops, I mean next time.........

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  1. Mr. Blue should know you always have the very best intentions for him. xxxx to all of our feathered friends.

  2. I love this post. Lot of interesting information. The seasonal pairing of the Osprey made me think of the movie "Same Time, Next Year." Perhaps, this pattern keeps the romance alive. :)


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