Mornings With Mary

In Solemn Silence
Saying a prayer for


  1. Hi Judie. Happy week to you. Yes we always think of Rebecca and her beautiful ways. What a beautiful Mary. Nicely done. It's been a while since last I posted on Mornings With Mary and decided to do so today. I've missed it. Have a wonderful week.

  2. In Solemn silence is heartfelt. You have a way of putting emotion into your art in every brush stroke. ( I can feel it) With prayers for Rebecca. Beautiful Judie. LOVE you.

  3. Very beautiful madonna. Thanks for sharing In Solemn Silence with us.

  4. what sweet serenity she evokes!

  5. I have no artistic ability and I didn't realize this was your art until I saw the comments. Your Mary has the same calming sacred impact as any other Mary I have ever seen. Beautiful!

  6. I love her Judie!
    Just beautiful.

  7. thank you so much dear one for your heartfelt beauty. thank you too for keeping me close in your heart. boston was important for so many reasons...but i have been slow to regain my strength.
    your madonna is a feast for my heart and eyes.


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