Mornings With Mary....and Mary

Tried a little sculpting
with Sculpy
to make a lovely Mary.
 this Mary seems to look more like
an Aztec Goddess
I spent several mornings with her
so she must present herself here
as she was intended to be.
Sculpy, found objects, acrylic and pearl-ex 
 adhered to a painted wood slat
(thanks for glue advice from Priti Studio)
And here is the piece without
beads hanging on the side...
If she is not beautiful,
If she does not look refined,
It's ok.
If you allow yourself to imagine her heart,
you will see she is pure and holy.
She is still Mary,
and one can draw from her whatever spiritual feelings one needs. 
And this..
my lovely blogging friends..
is a slat painting of Mary Smith.
She went to the beach today!
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  1. Wonderful, Judie. Mary is beautiful in all her guises.

  2. I love your Sculpey Mary. She is perfect just as she is. I love her without the beads but I love the beads, too. Really makes her jump out. Slat painting. Now that's a new concept to me. Hmmm. Should I try that?

  3. OK That settles it. I wrote an honor to my aunt Mary but didn't post it Since you posted Mary Smith with your other beautiful Mary...check my blog for my aunt Mary. LOVE you!

  4. Your Mary is beautiful and filled with the love you put into her ♥

  5. superb! exactly the way she is! sculpey sounds like an interesting media; I'd never heard of it.

  6. dear judie,

    i am forever astounded by the power and presence of all things made with love. surely your mary radiates all that and more. thank you for sharing your heart and hands!

  7. I triple love your Mary
    Judie! Because she is unique
    and beautiful and from your hands.
    I am amazed because I know
    how difficult sculpting is for me.
    And then you painted too!
    The sheerness of her cover-up is
    something I have never been able to paint.
    And the little details
    and the gulls!
    Good grief! You are so talented!

  8. Hi Judie. Thanks for the well wishes. Appreciate it. Your Mary is wonderful as is your Mary at the beach. Your sculpture work is pretty good. I've been wanting to pick up some clay. Wow! Love the see through. It's so hard to do that. Nice work.:)

  9. Is there any difference between Mary and an Aztec goddess? I don't think so!

  10. Beautiful...I love your beach girl in her bikini and gauzy wrap.


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