One-day road trip,
just a little bit south of me,
The journey was part business, part pleasure,
but ALL fun!
Sunshine Skyway approach,
Over the bridge, going down, down, down...
Approaching the Town of Longboat Key...
and now..
the best part...
AFTER the business!
The pleasure part starts
Coquina Beach
Um....help!  I can't swim!  ;)
morning glories mid day, beach residents
This is NOT a painting.  It's the real thing.
So much nicer than my beach.  All I have is
after condo,
after high rise condo,
and hotels!
This is a slice of heaven.
Eye candy?
A little rainbow house
to purchase touristy things
and get some food.
Didn't go in.
This was NOT on the beach, but in the small town part.
Imagine painting all those boards!
What if you lost count and made a mistake and
had to start over!  :)
I really, really hated to leave this peaceful place.
Stormy skies...
and rain clouds...
told us it was time to go. 
Sub-tropic storms can be sudden
and furious...
Awwwww.  Just one more look?
One more taste of the salt in the wind?
One more moment of silent peace?
Can you feel it?
Goodbye Coquina Beach..
Goodbye beautiful little quiet town...
Almost home.  Final approach.  Sigh......


  1. How fun! I loved your post Judie. What a beautiful place. The beach looks wonderful. Florida must be so beautiful. Ily lives there too, some where in Florida. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh I would've loved to be there with you.
    Never have been to the keys.
    Looks fantastic. Gorgeous photographs.

    1. oops! Note: this is not the Florida Keys, aka Key West. Just a small town on the Gulf Coast that happens to have the name "Key" in it. Guess I shoulda said that.

  3. Gorgeous photos! Looks like a perfect place to spend the day.

  4. {{ thank you
    thank you
    for the field trip !!

    i love that place,
    near tampa,
    right ??

    i am
    always photographing
    those beach morning glories,
    here, too

    but one must be quick
    as they hide
    from the sun ... }}


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