Haiku My Heart - Flying Away

I will be taking a short break
Well...maybe short, maybe long
But before I go I want to show a new procedure I learned
In case anyone wants to try it.
I love pastel
Working with pastel gives me more control than a brush
But pastel flakes off
I read in an art magazine that you can use an acrylic medium
to mix with your pastels
(in this case Liquitex Matte Medium)
use it over the finished pastel work
These are my experimental results
The face on the left was done mixing pastel with acrylic medium as it was applied.
The face on the right was done by adding the medium over the pastel.
This was done with the medium added over the finished pastel
This was medium mixed as pastel was applied.
I don't know if there is much difference in the finished work between a pastel/acrylic medium or just an acrylic work.  The main difference I found was that (for me) it is simply easier to control using a pastel pencil than using a brush. 
The medium  just "fixes" the pastel, either way you use it.
Of course if one wants a smooth, blended look, forget the acrylic medium.
Well, just sharing an experiment.
And this is my loosy-goosy watercolor haiku:
Flying home to rest
Need a break from posting now
Will be back later
Please visit
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  1. Hi Judie. I like that use of mixture. I may try it. Your bird flying away is how I feel right now. Just want to fly awayyyyyy. Beautiful work. Great Haiku for it too. Actually I did a bird for Haiku at Rebecca's as well. A hummingbird.:) Take care and enjoy your time off. I'm not on much these days. Just to stop and say hello and maybe a couple posts a week. Take care.

  2. http://shininglife1.blogspot.com/2013/07/paint-party-friday.html

  3. Thanks for sharing your findings!
    Have a sweet and gentle break!

  4. Enjoy your blog break, Judie. See you when you return.

  5. Isn't it fun trying new techniques? Love your faces. They have personality that shines through. LOVE the watercolor bird Judie. Enjoy a peaceful break. I will miss you.

  6. I like both techniques you've shown. I love the bird! fly safely and rest well.

  7. Thanks for the tip. I'll give it a try.

    Enjoy your break. I know how much they're needed at times. I just took one and already feel like I need another one!

  8. Aloha...which is, of course, both good-bye and hello. See you again sometime!

    Waiting for White Shirts

  9. Beautiful pastel work ~ so much expressive work ~ Wow! Happy Weekend ~ Enjoy ~ thanks for 'visiting' ~ ^_^

  10. Resting is always good...come back when you have rejuvenate. Sending love!

  11. Taking time for oneself is so important. May it be all that you need, giving you time to further what feeds your spirit, body, and soul.


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