A Mary Morning

The Rock of the Virgin Mary
Southwest France
Can you see her atop the rock?
Standing tall during a recent storm.
The photo made me realize that I, too,
can stand tall during a storm.
A storm within my heart
within my soul
in my surroundings
in my daily life
I can do it too.
I can!
We all can
if we just have faith
and confidence within ourselves.
Don't you think so?
She has stood there a long, long time. 

"The Rock of the Blessed Virgin in Biarritz
A lucky landmark.
The Rocher de la Vierge (The Rock of the Virgin Mary) named for the statue of the Holy Virgin placed on its summit in 1865, was used by Napoleon III as an anchoring point for the Port du Refuge (The Port of Refuge) dike that he planned to create.
Hence, the rock was made accessible to land via a wooden bridge and a tunnel was drilled that enabled the delivery of stone blocks used for the construction of the dam. The wooden bridge didn't withstand the test of time and Gustav Eiffel replaced it in 1887 with an iron bridge that is still in place.

The statue of the Virgin Mary was installed as a token of gratitude by whalers, saved from being shipwrecked by following a dazzling and mysterious light perceptible from the rock's summit."

Do you wonder about that "mysterious light" the whalers saw?
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Mary Love


  1. Well you've taught me something new Judie!
    And also inspired me with your new header...what a collection!
    I love all of the different faces
    and share the same tear...Beautiful.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  2. I do wonder now about that mysterious light. what a marvelous account of our Blessed Mother!

  3. YES still standing after having weathered many storms thanks to the grace of the divine. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Love to you dear friend.

  4. Yes, we can, we all can be a port in a storm for others too, just like Mother...
    Beautiful invigorating post...x

  5. I never knew about thi, thank you!!!

  6. your light stands as a beacon too guiding others to refuge and beauty.
    thank you for being a safe port in a storm. i am comforted again and again in my visits here.


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