Haiku My Heart - Dedicated Love

Soft kitty, warm too
Animal love fades heartache
And teardrops dry up
pastel on sanded paper
I know these Haiku words to be true.
From experience.
If you have heartache,
or hurt,
or just feeling miserable,
try hugging
interacting somehow with
your dog
or your cat
or your child's hamster
or your neighbor's rabbit.
Animals react with unconditional love.
They return what they receive.
Even if it's caged
and you simply feed it a treat,
your heart will feel happy as you watch your offering
being accepted and enjoyed.
I am really a lucky one.
I get to hug a big blue and gold bird.
Have you ever hugged a bird?
It's awesome!
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A special thanks to
for allowing me to use her kitty Daisy
as a model.


  1. I know and appreciate this love very well in my life, with my three kitties and 1 dear pup. They are such bringers of joy and comfort.
    Happy Friday !

  2. Your art work ~ Wow! ~ Love the kitty and agree ~ animals are healers ~ Happy Weekend ~ carol, xxx (A Creative Harbor)

  3. Daisy is a beautiful cat. Love this composition and your words ring true for me too.
    Great to see all of the art you've been doing Judie....LOVE you!

  4. So happy that you have an animal to love you!! Your pastel is lovely!

  5. Hi Judie, There is something particularly soothing about a car when comfort is needed. The nestle and purr puts me in a calm place much like the warm tongue and cold wet nose of comforting dog. When people fail us, animals never do.

  6. The wonderful thing about our pets is they accept you unconditionally and love you! Yes, indeed, they do comfort us! Great post! Cathy

  7. This has been my experience as well with our furry family members. Wonderful words of wisdom.

  8. It's so true that our furry companions can bring us such joy and comfort. Love that pastel painting!

  9. Our furry friends do indeed know how to help take away our hurts.

    Seven Spirits

  10. Hey girl! Very nicely done. My family pet members help me get through bad experiences. Have a wonderful weekend.

  11. I'd be forlorn without my kitties, especially Jax, who loves to sit on my lap. Your bird is gorgeous! We did have a cockatiel who took a shine to Hubby; Slick would sit on my hubbys shoulder and would be fed bits of Hubby's toast. One time he had Slick on his shoulder and our cat Dakota on the chair arm! Thank you for sharing your 'heart' with us.

  12. Beautiful! Only an animal lover could write this!


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