Just For Fun

Have been busy working in Gemma's traveling journal.
What an experience this has been.
It's my first round robin journal, and
I'm enjoying every minute.
I've cut up some more old art on paper and glued it to inexpensive canvas boards.
I'm working on two.

I will have to put a glaze on them to knock back some of that color,
and then clear gesso.  If they are still too bright after the glaze, I'll just use regular gesso.
Something might come of this.
Or maybe not.
I am not a gardner, but I planted some milkweed for the monarchs.
And some sunflower seeds are germinating in an egg carton.
Last time I did sunflower seeds, I hung them on the fence.
The very day they sprouted, something ate them.
It was either a squirrel or a rat.
This time I am outsmarting them and I take them in at night.
It's Spring and Ms. Wee is nesting again.
She is so precious.
She builds a nest of rags and if she doesn't get a rag when she goes down for the night, she screams and screams until she gets one. 
Silly girl. So spoiled.
Doesn't have a baby daddy.  I hope she doesn't lay eggs this year.
It's so sad when she sits and sits, and nothing happens.
She will be 21 years old next week.
I've had her that long!
Ta Daaaaa....... 
The lovely Ms. Wee 
Later.................... :)


  1. oh, the nesting instinct must be really strong for Ms. Wee to nest like that. I had a male cocatiel so I've only experienced nesting with rabbits, cats and dogs. She certainly is a beauty with her wings spread widely like that. When I had Slick, my cockatiel, it was the first time that I learned that birds do have personalities.

  2. How exciting to get a glimpse of your WIP. So cool. I have your traveling book now too. It is stunning. All of the work AWESOME. What a treasure it will be. Could you hire a baby daddy for Ms. Wee? That might be fun....or not... you know since you've had Wee since she was an egg. LOVE you and all that you are doing. xxx


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