Haiku My Heart - Little Red Teapot

cuppa steamy tea
warms the body, heart, and soul;
brings friends together

My little red teapot, sent to me 
by my friend Judi Redhead several years
ago.  Judi is the Art Director at
Homer Laughlin China Company
makers of
Fiestaware, like this little red teapot.
(She forgot she had a BLOG)
I was thrilled to receive it.
It holds just one cup.
Just enough for me.
I use it frequently,
especially on these cold days in Florida
where everyone thinks it is warm forever.
At least I don't have to shovel snow.
I am grateful for that.

I love my teapot.
I am grateful for that too.

"As I get older, I get smaller.
I see other parts of the world I didn't see before.
Other points of view.
I see outside myself more"
                 .....................Neil Young

                    Like tea,
                    Haiku with Rebecca
                                                brings friends together. 


  1. warm is a very relative word, isn't it?
    no color is better than red
    for warmth and coziness.
    ps: now i have that song in my head
    " imma little teapot

  2. Ow, what a beautiful teapot. I love red!

  3. Wouldn't mind sitting down for a steamy cupp'a this morning Judie… 2 degrees F and the wind is whipping, but the sun is bright and lighting up icicles like candles!

  4. I have special teapots, too. They bring back memories...sometimes if one is broken it is like losing a friend. Thank you for this post as I sip my Good Earth tea. Wishing you well!

  5. Such a precious teapot. A dream of mine is to sit with you and share a cuppa friendship, art and big LOVE. xx

  6. red is such a cheerful color, isn't it? I really like the new look here. gratitude makes the heart open to others I think. from the weather report this morning, I see that the frigid air has made its way down to Florida; stay warm.

  7. oh what a lovely teapot, i started collecting but i havent bought one in a long time

    much love...

  8. I'm loving your tribute to your little teapot!

  9. I love this little red pot! And, all that it holds for you, including the tea! Love also that Neil Young quote... oh how his words and music has touched me over the years... Thank you for this haiku cuppa!

    1. Hey, Hey
      My, My
      Rock and roll
      will never die....N.Young

  10. What a treasure to receive and to honor it with a lovely haiku ~ xo

    Happy Weekend to you,
    artmusedog and carol

  11. What a charmig little tea pot. And, I'm thinking it is also a fiery reminder of friendship.

  12. dear friend,
    your haiku and perfect tiny red teapot warm my heart! nice to "meet" your generous friend and dream of tea one day beside you!


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