Haiku my Heart - Christmas Eve

stained glass windows glow
candles light the way to hope
on this Christmas Eve

beaded scene by
Christine Senkyr
Cleveland Oh

beautiful beaded art picked up at  yard sale some time ago. Sticker on back has her name and address but I have been unable to locate her, so I simply enjoy it. When the sun shines on these tiny glass beads,  it's beautifully delicate.

In keeping with a Christmas feeling, I'm putting my Spirit of the Christmas Tree spirit doll here today.

I had planned to put her  up a couple of weeks ago and offer as a giveaway, because she lifted herself off a hook and fell to the floor. I think that means she wants to go away. But now it's just too close to Christmas I guess. Anyway, she's pretty. And jingly.

I am dealing with a sick bird...my baby...so Christmas is sort of not on my plate right now. But I wish everyone a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day, and hope for good New Year Blessings. 

my love

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  1. Hope your ailing bird is better soon
    Merry Christmas Judie


  2. I do hope that your sick bird recovers quickly. And yes, hope is a fragile essential.

  3. Oh do hope your sweet bird feels better soon ~ Xo

    Lovely haiku and spirit doll is awesome ~

    Merry Christmas to You,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. I love your haiku and the beaded window of light, and your Christmas spirit doll... thank you for these! And sending love and healing to dear Ms. Charlie and to you.

  5. We need all the light and all the hope we can get. Thank you for reminding us that both are available--in abundance. Merry Christmas, Judie!

  6. Oh your poor bird - hope your lovely bird feels better quick. Love the beaded piece. So pretty and also the Spirit of Christmas Tree ..i like it.

  7. ah, sorry about your sick bird, hope he/she gets to feeling better soon. loved your christmas eve haiku... hope had a wonderful christmas

  8. There are many signs of hope in this season of the year. To catch a glimpse of even one of them is a blessing. I'm blessed by your haiku. Thanks, Judie!

  9. I do like stained glass windows.
    A very nice Haiku.

    My good wishes for the coming New Year.

    All the best Jan

  10. I love how warming this haiku is. The brightness of the imagery dances so well with the photo. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and your New Year even better. I also hope the meds are doing their job and getting Miss Charli better.

  11. Once again...love your spirit doll!

    Hope you had a joyous holiday season


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